Different Types Of Pimples

Acne is not just a disease that is narrow. It is a disease that comes in different types. These types are broken to pimples. One pimple type is whiteheads. This is a very light and non-dangerous disease that remains under the skin and are very small. Since it remains under the skin, it is possible that someone suffering from it does not even know that he or she is suffering from it. For this reason, it is possible that people do not even seek treatments for it. Whiteheads is a pimple type that occur on male and female’s face.

There is another type of pimple that worth having knowledge about, and this is the blackheads. These pimples are clearly visible. They are called blackheads, because they are black and always appear on the skin’s surface. Many people have the potential to start scrubbing their face hard in an attempt to get rid of the blackheads. This is the reason it is important to remember that a blackhead pimple is not cause by dirt. For this reason, it is a waste of strength to scrub your face vigorously the moment you see that you are having blackheads. This is because, it will not help the issue at hand.

The pimples we know as papules are very visible on the skin. However, they usually look like small bumps and normally surfaces in pink color. There is another pimple type, which we know as Papules. These are very visible on the skin. They are usually red at their base. However, these pimples all have pus at the top. There is another pimple that is worthy to know about. This is the nobules. The nobules are pimples that are also clearly visible on the skin. They are large and solid pimples. They are mostly painful, and always get embedded deep into the skin. For the best acne treatments, visit this site.

There is another pimple types that are very painful. These are the Cysts. These pimples are usually visible on the skin. They are clearly on the face. These pimples are painful, and constantly filled with pus. Cysts is the one that can easily cost scars. These is the reason that people try to avoid it leaving scars, especially the ladies. Some guys can find scars being attractive, especially the young adults. However, both gender can easily agree to one thing, they want to get rid of the pimples, for health and appearance reasons.

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